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A Tormented Soul

I've been meaning to write this post for the longest time, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to do it everytime. I think I just need to get this out of me, even if there's noone to read it.
I don't even know where to begin. Life was really much simpler back when we were small and growing up has really complicated things.
I was never one who could easily express his feelings and being what I am now, it just makes it harder. Somewhere along the way I must have fallen off the right track. I am at a lost, of directions, and of my identity. I don't know who I am anymore. I don't know where to go, nor what to do. Seeing people with their dreams and working hard to achieve them makes me question myself. Do I have a dream? If you consider wanting to have a dream, a dream, then yes I do have one but it's just not enough. I need something more, something that I don't even know what it is, that can make me feel my worth.
I don't feel comfortable with myself, or rather I'm afraid of being myself. Something is holding me back and I just can't find the strength to break through. They say everyone's life has its purpose, and mine just seems far-fetched. Everything in this world is just mindboggling. It's like I'm trapped in a maze never being able to find a way out.
Sometimes I just wish I never wake up from my sleep.


As the title suggests, this post lingerie related. It's not just any ordinary lingerie, but it's known as THE LUCKY BRA!!!!!!!

So the night started off with us having our dinner at a 'chu char' place somewhere in Mt. Erskine that serves really good curry fish head. Enjoyed the dinner and had ourselves a good time. At the end of the meal, somebody suggested that we chill at the beach and off we went. We found ourselves a nice spot, breezy and quiet and we were just happily chatting away. Then, Boon came with some drinks and titbits which we asked him to buy on his way to the beach. We were just chillin' and munching on the food and having a good time. Suddenly Zhi Xiang suggested that we do something fun. I know something unusual was happening there. Then Siew Lay took something out from her bag and they gave it to me. And guess what, I peeked into the plastic bag and JENG JENG JENG......................

My birthday present for this year, the lucky lingerie combo
And they took the time to sew stars(Kanye West style) on each cup and on the panty too.It is said to absorb the power of the stars that will bless me with good luck.
The threads are loose

Delicate embroidery skills

Lovely isn't it

And did I mention it came in my favourite colour?

It came with a hanger too for me to hang 'em to be displayed

Wonder of what use the lingerie would be to me? Well, for one it got me updating my blog. Secondly, it'd be the most 'memorable' gift I've ever received. And I do hope it gives me the luck I need like what my friends alleged.

So a big thank you to all of you for the endearing present, I don't know who shared for it but you know who you are.....

Away for a Vacay

Just last week, I was on an escapade to Pulau Redang with 6 other friends. It was planned earlier during the semester and truth be told I wasn't really that into it back then. However, it was actually a great vacation and I liked it. Let me break down the details (might not be so detailed after all) of our itinerary.

Waited for the bus (well actually the bus waited for me cause' everyone else was already there) at the Mobil petrol station opposite Sg. Nibong terminal. So off we started our journey, but before that we had to stop at Bukit Mertajam for a bus transition. Happily sitting in the bus we were excited (or not?) to be on our way but alas, the damn driver realised he left out a couple just after crossing the bridge. The driver made a U-turn back to the island and got them and then got back across the bridge heading for the transition destination. Reached there in about 15 minutes. After changing bus, it was Redang all the way. From then on I was on my earphone playing music on my phone. Everyone else was either sleeping or chattering away (it was a night journey in case I haven't told you). I slept too soon after. Some of my friends were complaining that the driver played funny Indian songs (no offense to the race) that they couldn't sleep. He was also puffing away while driving but I didn't notice it nor did I hear the Indian songs. I could only hear people from behind yapping away in Mandarin and laughing like bitches while others were trying to get some sleep but that didn't disrupt my slumber.Luckily or I would have yelled 'TIAM LA CIBAI' at them. That pretty much sums up the night in the bus.

Day 1

Arrived at the jetty at about 7 something in the morning but we were told the earliest boat to the island would be at 9 or was it 9.30 I don't remember. So we waited like idiots until we found out the jetty we were dropped at was not the one to our resort (there were different jetties for boats to different resorts). And so we moved to our supposed jetty and we saw the 1st batch of people boarding the 1st boat already. So in the end we had to wait til 9 too (or 9.30). While waiting, the place started to get crowded and some were smoking like chimneys. Ugh how it irked me. I'm on a vacation not at a Chinese funeral. I even saw a couple of girls on freaking high heels.Omg I hoped they trip and fall so I could laugh at them but they didn't. So the boat arrived and we rushed to get the boarding pass and got on the boat.
Reached the island an hour or so later and wow the seawater was crystal clear. I could already see fishies swimming in it. Walked along the beach on our way to the resort and got some briefing before moving on to our family room. How disappointed I was when I saw our room but it's not that I really care cause' it was cheap *suck it in*. Everyone was really tired from the bus-ing and boating so we decided to take a cat nap before doing anything. Just as I was half asleep, Joshua's ass began farting away like fire crackers and I was awaken.
We then had lunch and rented the snorkeling gears, 30 bucks for 3 days. Then we tried snorkeling at the beach outside our resort just to get a first-hand experience of what it would be like. Had a hard time using the snorkel at first but got better as we went on. At about 2.30pm we were brought by the resort's boat to another snorkelling destination. There weren't many fishes and the corals were pretty much all dead. Got back to the resort about an hour later, got cleaned up and slept til dinner. After dinner, we strolled along the beach and snapped random photos. The day ended with us chilling out at the resort bar.
headed for the island

cam whores

ignore my expression

crystal clear

redang boyz

poor photography skills

Day 2

I skipped breakfast because I didn't get a good sleep the night before. Went snorkeling again but this time at the marine park where the sea creatures were supposed to be conserved but i still saw dead corals, how disappointing. But at least there were more fishes to see to compensate for the corals. According to the guide, beneath a big rock we can find an I-dunno-wtf-eel which is 12-feet long and a giant grouper. We only saw the giant grouper, not 1 but 2 of them. The eel was no where in sight, guess he was shy seeing so many people floating on the sea surface. Slept again in the afternoon and skipped the jungle trekking trip we signed up for on day 1. Woke up at about 4 and we took a stroll again heading to the other side of the beach we didn't explore the night before. Came across the 'More More Tea Inn' where Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren once filmed a movie together before. Snapped some pictures and looked around in the souvenir shops.Later on, we went banana boating and I gotta be honest, I wouldn't wanna go for a banana boat ride in Penang after doing it in Redang.
In the evening, we played table tennis and sweated like hell. Ended the day with some card playing and chit chatting in the room.

beginning of a new day

the sea is calling out to us

banana boaters on standby

now you see us

now you don't

hiao po posing with the ping pong ball

Day 3

It's another day on the island and I didn't skip breakfast this time. Went snorkeling at the marine park again but this time we got our hands on the underwater camera from the resort management. We rented it for RM50 for a day. And away we snapped snapped snapped pictures of ourself in the water and the fishes. Even Clan Haha made a special appearance just for the photo session. We met a couple from China and he requested that we help them take a picture of them with the camera and so we did. Overheard them speaking in Cantonese and they were from Guangzhou. So being the 'gau gau' me started conversing with them in Cantonese and I think I said some pretty stupid things but I prefer not to broach the subject. In the afternoon we went souvenirs shopping and spent quite a hefty amount on them. Then we camwhored while snorkeling at the resort beach. It's be a waste if we didn't fully utilise the camera we rented right? In the evening we got ourselves airbrushed tattoos which according to the tattooist will last for about 5-7 days. Mine started scraping off on the 3rd day. After tattooing, we bought snacks and chilled in our room. Everyone was so hyped and were chattering the night away except me. I slept early but woke up every now and then to the voices of those talking non-stop.

rise and shine

lovers on a hammock

off to the souvenir shop

cutie pie posing on the rope bridge

wanna come snorkeling with us?

Clan Haha's special appearance.Please check out my facebook profile to know who's who

spot the turtle


funny looking rock and a fish


Brendan in 'action' with the fishies

nice tits I've got there

tattoist doing his thang

Day 4

I'm getting lazy with this entry so I'm gonna make it short. Checked out at 8. Boarded the boat back to mainland. Got onto the bus and headed back to Penang island. Stopped at several places along the way for toilet breaks and lunch. That's all about the 4th day.

Overall it was a good trip and I enjoyed every bit of it.
There are more pictures on my facebook profile. Do feel free to visit to view them.


I don't know about you but I despise and condemn spoilers just as much as I do smokers. LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT ONCE AND FOR ALL, I DIDN'T WATCH THE SHOW FOR FUCKING 6 MONTHS JUST TO GET SPOILED MOMENTS BEFORE THE RESULTS ARE ANNOUNCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had multiple encounters with these unscrupulous spoilers, these pieces of trash. Now let me tell the stories about those people who had successfully ruined a day in my life.

Caridee, ANTM Cycle 7 Winner
I was talking about ANTM Cycle 7 with some friends in school 1 fine day. The show just started to air on Astro then. Suddenly, some lingerie party organiser (if you guys know who i mean) conveniently says "Oh Caridee is the winner". OK GO FUCK YOURSELF BITCH AND IM NOT GOING TO YOUR LINGERIE PARTY!!!

Jaslene, ANTM Cycle 8 Winner

I particularly warned my friends not to spoil me. However there's this bitch who kept telling me the winner was a latin girl, which was obvious who won CAUSE THERE WAS ONLY 1 FREAKING LATIN GIRL. UGH I COULD BREAK HER NECK!!!!!!

Taylor Hicks, American Idol Season 5 Winner
This has got to be the most potong steam 1. I was there sitting on a couch happily watching the Grand Finale on tv. I don't know what my mum was thinking but she said "Eh, didn't that guy win already?" Just so you know the other finalist was a girl. OMG can you imagine the level of potongness??????But she's my mum, what can I do....

Jordin Sparks, American Idol Season 6 Winner
It was the day of the Grand Finale and I was taking a nap in the afternoon. When I woke up there was a message on my phone. I opened it and BAM!!!!! The message was something like this, "Ladies and gentlemen, your American Idol is Jordin Sparks." He's got the guts to make a formal announcement like that to me. What an asshole....

David Cook, American Idol Season 7 Winner
On the results show day, I was out with my friends but I rushed home in time to watch the encore telecast. Kit dropped me at my place and a friend of ours who stays in the same block as me bounded down the staircase and "Hey, David Cook won." I was like WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!STOP SPOILING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kris Allen, American Idol Season 8 Winner
Just today I woke up to the voice of my mum's. Checked my phone and there were 2 messages. 1 of them reads "Kris won!!Kris won!!" How am I supposed to react to this. I've been spoiled so many times I think I've turned numb. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!